17 Chicken Dishes to Try in 2017- Part 2

If you are looking for new and tasty chicken dishes to try out in 2017, then we can help. Here are a few chicken dishes that you must try in the coming year:

1. Vinegar Marinated Chicken with Buttered Greens and Radishes

Got tired of the same old chicken recipe? Then try preparing this dish. This is an effortless dish that will take only minutes to prepare. It is tasty, healthy and filling. All you have to do is bake the chicken and cook the radishes with mustard greens and other seasonings. The dish is done once the vegetables are cooked and the chicken is done. You can swap the radish with your choice of vegetables such as potatoes or turnips.

2. Chicken Pinoy Skewers with Rice

This is a popular Filipino dish, usually made with pork or chicken, grilled in a spicy sweet sauce.This is an easy to prepare chicken dish that you can easily prepare for dinner. You have to cut the chicken in slices and marinate it with soy sauce, tomato ketchup, onion, lemon juice. Use lemonade or beer to add flavour to the chicken. Barbeque them over medium heat. Have them with steamed rice.

3. Buttermilk Fried Chicken Burger

Burger is one of the most favourite snacks for both kids and adults. These are easy to prepare and are great for satiating immediate hunger pangs. However, when preparing them at home, you can make it more nutritious. The chicken is coated with a mix of flour, pepper, salt and buttermilk. It’s dipped in buttermilk again before applying a final coat of flour. The chicken patty is fried and served in between bread rolls. You can spread spicy mayonnaise, cabbage, lettuce, pickles to make it healthier. Your kids are definitely going to love it.

4. Spicy Korean Chicken with Cucumber Salad

Want to surprise your family with a spicy and tasty chicken dish? If yes, then this Korean dish is an absolute try. You can serve your spicy chicken either with cucumber salad or rice. The chicken is prepared by marinating it with a combination of soy sauce, garlic, honey, rice wine, hot pepper paste. You have to cook them on the char-grill pan. To prepare the cucumber salad, combine cucumber slices with onion, green chillies, and coriander. Then add some rice wine vinegar to it. You can use sesame seeds for garnishing.

We hope that you will try these dishes at home and enjoy them. In case you want to buy chicken online, then visit http://delybazar.com/fish-meat-eggs/meat

Watch this space to find out more unique chicken dishes!

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