4 chicken delicacies that every nutritionist will swear by

Fresh chicken can help boost metabolism and keep the bad cholesterol at bay. There are a host of online fresh chicken delivery in Kolkata. Having lean chicken meat is always a good thing as it is a source of proteins and minerals for your body. Here are the top 4 chicken delicacies that can be prepared after ordering the freshest and affordable chicken from Delybazar.com:

1 – The Quinoa Chicken Parmesan is a healthy dish that is uses cooked quinoa to add a layer of crispiness to the chicken. The crunchiness helps add the food value to the portions. A good deal of the fresh basil and shredded dry mozzarella in a marinara sauce helps create a magical flavor.

2 – The Honey Mustard Chicken is also a flavorful recipe that uses the chicken thighs along with the honey and mustard seeds. You can piece the chicken according to your needs and then dip them in honey. Glaze the thighs with some mustard seeds, white preferably, and then microwave it for about 15 minutes at a high temperature. This healthy dish uses no oil or butter!

3 – Chicken Spinach Casseroles are a hit this winter! This dish can be made with dried Gruyere cheese without the fat or the cholesterol. You can use the spinach sauce to coat the chicken and then add the cleaned and diced cauliflowers in good measure. Mix the chicken and the cauliflower well with salt and pepper and then place the dish into the oven for 20 minutes!

4 – The Ginger Chicken Stir Fry with vegetables and pineapple, generously coated with cashews, makes a terrific dish for dinner or even lunch! You just need a tablespoon of olive oil and then stir fry the veggies and the chicken. Voila! Your dish is ready!

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