4 exciting Gobindobhog rice recipes from Bengal

Gobindobhog rice is a staple of West Bengal and is known for its exotic aroma and flavorful taste. This rice is grown in small quantities in the districts of Bankura and Purulia. It is a short grain, white and sticky rice that has amazing aroma. Used as the main ingredient to prepare offerings to God Govindjaju, the family deity of the Sets in Kolkata, it is used to produce 4 amazing dishes.

  • Gobindobhog rice pulao is one of the best kinds of rice dishes made in Bengal. This has a great taste and is very unique. This simple rice recipe tastes good and has some of the best ingredients in the culinary ranks of Bengal. You need spices such as the bay leaves, cardamom, cloves and black pepper seeds. After stirring these additives in clarified butter or ghee, you need to add the washed rice and then stir fry the grains till they are fried. You need to add salt and sugar to taste along with a teaspoon of turmeric powder. Finally, adding cashew nuts and peanuts with some raisin adds that crunchiness to the dish. Add your water and bring it to simmer by covering the pan with a deep dish. The sweet and flavored pulao is ready to be eaten.
  • Payesh or rice pudding made from Gobindobhog rice is a favourite sweet dessert, originating from West Bengal. This dessert is prepared with milk and kheer- better known as milk fats. You need to bring the milk to a boil and then add the washed rice. After this, you have to keep stirring the hot milk mixture and add the fried raisins, cashew and nuts. Sugar should also be added along with some jaggery to render a brown and thick taste to the dish. Payesh is a staple in all Bengali occasions and is known to be a popular favorite of the people.
  • Khichuri made with Gobindobhog rice is an all time favourite vegetarian food that is prepared with a a lot of ghee and vegetables. You should boil the rice and bring it to a simmer. Once you have done that, try and add turmeric and nuts, raisins and cardamom, nutmeg powder to the boiling rice. With some dollops of ghee and green peas, the Khichuri is deliciously hot and well served with some tasty vegetables and papad.
  • Muri Ghonto is the eternally delicious dish that makes good use of the fish head and the spices to render a flavor with the boiled rice. This dish is prepared with a lot of finesse and the fish head is fried till it tender and well mixed with the boiled rice. You can add a good mix of raisins and gram masala along with dollops of ghee to give it a great taste. Muri Ghonto can be enjoyed wholeheartedly with boiled rice during lunch or even dinner!

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