4 milky & delicious sweet dishes

There is a saying that explores the sweet dishes in Bengal! If you love the cream and the sugar, you are the sweet mascots of these irresistible Bengali sweets in India. Bengalis love their sweets and make them in milky fresh and creamy styles. The art of sweet making originated in Bengal and here are the top 4 Bengali sweets that help in creating a stir in the mouth!

  • The sandesh is a popular favorite that is also milk based and is loved by most Bengalis. It is made from milk cream and chana that is mixed with condensed milk to give a very sweet taste. The art of making tasty and creamy, easily dissolvable sweet sandesh lies in kneading the cream and the fats well. Sandesh is perishable and does not have a long shelf life. It should be consumed within a day of being made!
  • The soft and spongy rasgulla is made from milk solids and cottage cheese. These are then made into balls and dipped in sugars. A well made rasgulla melts in the mouth and leaves you wanting for more. Bengalis love this dish and export it to other parts of the country and abroad.
  • Payesh is synonymous with most special cultural occasions in Bengal and is a cherished dish in birthdays. It is a dessert that never ceases to amaze its lovers! Payesh is made with wholesome milk fats and cream, it is then mixed with semolina or rice to render it thick and sweet. When mixed with sugar, it becomes a sweet version of the English rice pudding.
  • Misti doi or sweet curd is the most popular sweet dish emanating from Bengal among those settled outside of it. Sweet curd is well loved and is made very easily. It is made with curd and clarified butter along with generous portions of sugary fluids or even jaggery, depending on the seasons. Amazingly tasty and delightfully appetizing, misti doi remains a top notch Bengali milky dessert that will rekindle the goodness of bygone times!

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