5 Celebs Who simply Love Hilsa

Celebrities are known for their unique and exquisite tastes for food. From exotic French cuisine to Mughlai Kebabs, they have the most sophisticated palates. However, there are a few celebs who simply cannot resist the temptation of lip-smacking hilsa recipes. From Bollywood to Tollywood, here is a list of celebs who are in love with this fish:

1. Sonam Kapoor

From an overweight teenager to a svelte seductress, this B-town beauty has incredibly controlled her craving for food. She is famous for her fondness of good food and loves to explore street foods. However, when it comes to fishes and seafood, Sonam is never afraid to indulge in a gastronomic extravaganza. One of her favourite fish items includes Ilish Bhapa or Steamed Hilsa cooked in mustard. She never misses a chance to gorge this delectable dish.

2. Koel Mullick

On a rainy day, nothing can beat a combo of Khichuri and Ilish Machh Bhaja (fried Hilsa). This is something that every bengali foodie can relate to. Keeping the calories aside, this Tollywood beauty too loves to indulge her taste buds and savour this dish. Even if it means doing a few extra crunches the next day.

3. Rahul Bose

This Tollywood actor swears by Ilish Machh Bhaja. However, keeping the calories in mind, now he has shifted from fried Ilish to its baked variant. He loves Hilsa fished baked with olives. For lunch, he usually prefers Bhapa Ilish (Steamed Ilish cooked in Mustard) and piping hot rice.

4. Bipasha Basu

This Bengali bombshell has always confessed her love for Bengali dishes and seafood, especially Ilish machh or Hilsa fish recipes. This rustic Bong beauty loves to gorge on Shorshe Ilish (Hilsa Fish cooked in rich Mustard Gravy) with rice. This dish is cooked with mustard and poppy seeds paste, mustard oil on low flame, giving it a unique  redolent flavour.

5. Abir Chatterjee

Like every Bengali, this Tollywood actor can die for his plate of Ilish machh. He loves fried Ilish. Being health conscious, he makes sure that minimum oil is used to fry the fishes. Apart from that, he also loves Tandoori Ilish (Hilsa marinated in lime and ginger-garlic paste and cooked in an open fire). He usually teams it with lots of veggies and salad.

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