5 Cool facts you didn’t know about vegetables & fruits

If you are buying your produce from the online vegetables stores in Kolkata, then you are not alone. Fruits and vegetables have always had their prized place in the diets prescribed by nutritionists and dietitians. Here are some of the best known cool facts about vegetables and fresh fruits online that you can buy through Delybazar.com:

  1. There are no such thing as foods that have a negative calorific effect on your diet. It is almost a myth to think that some fruits and vegetables need more calories to digest than what they give. Celery, for instance, gives about 6 to 1o calories. It takes about 10 calories to digest your food.
  2. Bananas are the best fruits available. These fruits are the most fascinating to begin with. They contain a lot of potassium and taste delicious in custards and desserts along with ice creams.
  3. Frozen vegetables and fruits have the same amount of energy and nutritional value as their normal temperature counterparts. It is absolutely a myth to think that juices are better than the actual fruit. In fact, it makes sense to actually have a pomegranate than drink its juice!
  4. The vegetables and fruits you eat are known for the high fiber content that helps in bowel movement and clean blood circulation. The incidences of skin issues and weight problems are diminished once you start a diet full of these natural foods.
  5. Some of the fruits and vegetables do contain certain amounts of toxins. It makes sense to begin the intake of these edibles with care and guidance. Common fruits and vegetables such as the apple or the tomato may be good for some people but some of these fruits and veggies may contain high cyanide levels. It is imperative that you speak to a nutritionist to get this sorted.
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