5 Grocery Essentials for Your Kitchen that You Need to Shop for Right Now

Groceries form the base of your kitchen supplies. With the right groceries at hand, you can quickly whip up a bunch of delicacies for your family members or friends. That is why it makes sense to always maintain a good stock of groceries in your kitchen, including the following types of items:

Dals (pulses):

Rich in proteins and minerals, not to mention delicious when prepared the right way, dals are part of the base of wholesome Bengali meals. With masoor, biuli, or arhar dals, you can quickly prepare a spicy, not to mention highly nutritious soup, to tantalise the taste buds and curb hunger. And if you want a meal consisting of a single dish, then Kabuli chana, tarka, or rajma can be the perfect ingredients. Take your pick from our extensive catalogue.

Oils and ghee:

Unless you like boiled vegetables, you will need to use a certain amount of oil, vanaspati or ghee in every meal. They not only bring out the taste of vegetables, fishes, eggs or meats, but also add plenty of good fats to the dishes, which can help you stay healthy. Take your pick from pure mustard oil, sunflower oil, groundnut seed oil, or even virgin olive oil.


Rice, wheat and semolina (sooji) form the base of the heartiest Indian meals. Whether you want to cook a bowl of plain rice, or a tasty pulao, or even a plate of delicious biryani, you need the right kind of rice. Stock up on banskathi, basmati, or atap rice to prepare plain rice, or pick up a pack of Gobindo Bhog rice online to whip up a delicious pulao. Grab a bag of whole wheat atta to prepare warm, fluffy chapatis/rotis to sate your appetite. Cook a delicious sooji ka halwa with lots of raisins and elaichi for dessert, to make your kids happy. Your choice!

Salt & sugar:

Can you imagine having a sumptuous meal without a pinch of salt? Neither can we! Or how about sugar, every time you want to have a nice cup of tea or coffee, or a dessert to finish lunch or dinner. That’s why you cannot risk running out of these two ingredients. Calorie conscious? Include Sugar Free or sucralose-based sweeteners in your grocery list. Browse our site and you will come across plenty of options that you can reach for, without worrying about blood sugar or expansive waistlines.

Assorted spices:

An Indian meal without spices of any sort? Sounds absurd, doesn’t it? That’s why you need to maintain a good stock of all the essential spices that you can use in your everyday meals. From black mustard (sarse) for the phoron in good old Bengali sukto (vegetable curry with karela) to ginger & garlic paste for the kosha mangsho (chicken/mutton curry), spices are among the essential supplies for your kitchen.

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