5 Mutton dishes that any celebrity will love

Mutton can be a tough but a deliciously flavored meat that has to be marinated and cooked over time to release its unique taste. Unlike the inclusion of chicken, mutton has been a regal star of the Indian kitchen for a long time now. Spices such as cardamom and cloves, mace and coriander powder along with nutmeg can truly enhance the flavor of meat. When cooking mutton recipes for the big social galas, make sure that it is well flavored and tenderized. Yogurt, often is the best ingredient to marinate the mutton along with vinegar. Here are the top 3 mutton dishes that are befitting of grand Indian feast:

  1. If you love to have the mutton kebabs that are a heady concoction of spices and succulent meat, try the minced mutton Galouti kebab, shallow fried in clarified Indian butter. The Galouti kebab is a famous Awadhi dish that has earned global recognition.
  2. If you want meat that tastes sour and strong, try the Khatta meat dish that is a specialty of the Jammu region. This dish consists of the goat meat that is cooked in mustard oil and lots of amchoor or dry mango powder. This lends the dish a citrusy flavor unmatched in Indian cuisine.
  3. If you love Parsi cuisine, you will love the mutton cutlets that are lovely and tender. With a selection of herbs and spices you can enjoy these at various meals. Buy mutton online in kolkata to enjoy cooking this savored dish!
  4. The Rajasthani Laal Maas is the fiery red meat curry that is made with hot red chilies and is cooked in pure mustard oil and kachri spice.
  5. Finally, a dish that deserves a royal welcome is the Kosha Mangsho or dry mutton curry from Bengal. It is made with Garam masala and clarified ghee or Indian butter.
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