The Don’ts Of Grocery Shopping

Do you know what’s the secret of staying healthy and leading a healthy lifestyle? The secret is not just having a balanced diet but it’s also about knowing how to and what to buy at the grocery store. You might have a rough idea of buying your groceries but how can you be sure whether you are doing it in the right way or not? Don’t worry; we have a solution for you.

Here’s a list of the don’ts of grocery shopping. Take a look:

1. Don’t overlook the perimeter. Look around the perimeter of the grocery shop. Majority of the non-processed food and foods with minimal processing are placed at the perimeter of the grocery store or supermarket. You will find the produce section, the delicatessen, bakery and the dairy section in the perimeter of the grocery store.

2. Don’t shop in the middle aisles of the grocery store. The middle aisles of the grocery stores usually contain packaged and highly processed food items. You will find all kind of jarred, bagged, packaged, canned and boxed items in the middle isle. As a general rule of healthy grocery shopping, the fewer items you buy from the middle isle, the more you are likely to ensure your overall health.

3. Don’t buy food items with a long list of ingredients. Check the nutrition labels of the food items and you will be shocked to see the long list of preservatives, additives, and colours you daily consume with those food items. Check for items with a short list of ingredients. These items are healthy and ensure that you consume fewer amounts of harmful chemicals.

4. Don’t forget the Online Grocery stores. Gone are the days when you have to spend hours walking down the endless maze of isles in the grocery store. Instead, you can shop online from online grocery stores. Like grocery stores, these online grocery stores are convenient and also offer many offers and discounts. If you want to do grocery shopping online in Kolkata, then just visit and place your order. We will deliver it to your home.

5. Do not shop when you are hungry. This is because when you go to the supermarket with an empty stomach, you are more likely to indulge yourself on those packets of chips, chocolates and other packaged snacks.

6. Don’t get fooled by the labels. Never assume that the “Low-Fat” or “Fat-Free” food items are healthy. Food labels are highly deceptive. The product might be low in fat but, the food manufacturers often make up for this less fat content with excessive salt. Always read the nutrition labels and the list of ingredients to get deeper into the story.

7. Don’t forget your list. This is crucial for a good and sensible grocery shopping. This ensures that you only buy items that are essential. It’s good for both your wallet and your waistline.

We hope that these simple tricks will make you an expert in grocery shopping. Enjoy shopping with us at

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