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Customer Speak

  • Mrs. Soumi Ghosh

    Mrs. Soumi Ghosh

    I am thankful to him who has referred me about Delybazar because we don't have markets nearby & at the same time we get fresh fish ,chicken, vegetable etc from Delybazar without taking hassles of visiting crowded market.
  • Mrs. Jayeeta Ghosh

    Mrs. Jayeeta Ghosh

    Your service in amazing . I have been fan of yours now. when I ordered for the first time I was extremely surprised that the orders were delivered perfectly by 9 am as I had mentioned in the remarks. Good job DB . Keep it up.
  • Partha Dutta

    Partha Dutta

    I like the convenience of getting my groceries delivered to my doorstep on my selected time-slot by delybazar.The products and services are very good and the prices are also fairly competetive with local markets.
  • Anya Suk

    Anya Suk

    Received all items today. Thank you so much for delivering items at my address. All vegetables, ingredients, rice...are very fresh.
  • Paroma Bose

    Paroma Bose

    I am really satisfied with delybazar because they save the time & trouble of going out for daily marketing & providing fresh & upto the mark products at my doorstep in reasonable price.
  • Arnab Paul

    Arnab Paul

    I have been using DelyBazar since November 2015 on a regular basis. I would rate them high, based on my personal experience. Not only it saves me the hassles of visiting the local market and bargaining with the shopkeepers, the quality products do not make me feel deprived. The rates are fairly competitive compared with current market, the quality of product quite satisfactory